Area:  93.030 km²

Population: 10.103.000

Density: 108,6/km²

Popolulation in the  urban areas: 65%

Birth rate: 9‰

Mortality rate: 13‰

Infant mortality rate: 8‰

Life expectancy: 70 (men), 77 (women)

Capital: Budapest, 1.740.041

Government: Parliamentary republic

President: János Áder

Prime Minister: Viktor Orbán

Foreign relations: member of  BEI, CEFTA, Council of Europe, EBRD, NATO, OCDE, ONU, OSCE, EU, WTO,

Currency: Forint (HUF)

Official language: Hungarian

Religion: Christians 87,9% (Catholics 64,1%, Protestants 23,3%, Calvinists, 19,5%, Lutherans 3%, Orthodoxes) 0,5%. Jews 0,9%, not religious 14,5%, others 11,1%

Ethnic groups: Hungarians 96,6%, Germans 1,6%, Slovaks 1,1%, Others 0,7% (13 groups)

Main trade union: MSZOSZ (Magyar Szakszervezetek Országos Szövetség, National Union of  Hungarian Trade Unions)

Statistical data ( Source: KSH, Central Bureau of Statistics)

Unemployment rate                                          10,9%

Nominal gross average earning                 104.400 HUF

Real gross average earning                            220.700 HUF

Nominal net average earning                      101.600 HUF

Real net average earning                                 142.700 HUF

Steps towards EU membership

March 31, 1994                                                    Membership application

March 31, 1998-Dec., 13 2001                      Membership negociations

April 14, 2003                                                     Membership approval by referendum

April 14, 2003                                                    The Council of Europe approves the membership

April 16, 2003                                                     Signature of the accession treaty 

May 1, 2004                                                         EU membership

December 23, 2007                                         Accession to the Schengen Area



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